Tokoagi | Why Dogs are called Man’s Best Friend?
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Why Dogs are called Man’s Best Friend?

Dog and child

Why Dogs are called Man’s Best Friend?

Dogs are certainly man’s best friend. They are certainly enjoyable to be with and make extraordinary buddies. Now and then, they are even considered as a member of the family. It always feels incredible to walk a dog around either on the streets or along the beach. Here are some of the studies that support the fact that dogs are man’s best friend. Let us have a look at it.


Analysis on the oxytocin levels:

Dogs are trained animals that are developed to perform in some part of the work crew, helping people with a wide range of errands from hunting to herding. A recent report published in the diary “Science,” exhibits that there a genuine understanding happens when dogs and individuals take a look at each other. Information from the report uncovers that oxytocin levels in the body increased in both humans and dogs when they had eye contact. The best part is that all this happened in a time frame of just 30 minutes. Oxytocin is frequently referred to as “the love hormone” since it’s created in the body when people have close contact with their loved ones. The hormone is additionally connected with a maternal relationship and rises when moms talk with their babies. The study also demonstrated that dogs could perceive human facial expressions and settle on choices in view of those articulations, demonstrating an abnormal state of intelligence in pet dogs.

Understanding dog language:

Other studies state the relationship between dogs and humans. In one such study, few dog owners brought their dogs into a room where their dog’s favorite food was kept in the corner. As the dog moved toward the plate the experimenter played a recorded audio of another dog barking. The dog instantly stepped back and took a look at its owner, which indicates requesting for help. Barking is another method of communication. Dogs have significantly more extensive types of barks than the different types of canines such as wolves. The studies have demonstrated that people owning dogs are exceptionally trained at recognizing the importance of each kind of barking.

Different breeds and their uses

Saint Bernards are the perfect dogs to follow the missing mountain climbers. Switzerland has been utilizing them for three centuries now. Another breed known as Newfoundland is an awesome swimmer and can safeguard a man in an ocean despite the rough climate. Another breed, collectively called the ‘herd dogs,’ protects cattle and shields them from wild creatures.

Dogs have a solid nose and quick feet. Dogs can sense fear. People who go through dread or different feelings radiate special scent, and this smell can be identified by dogs while humans cannot notice. Dogs are utilized as a part of the armed force, police to get criminals, and to recognize places where bombs are hidden. Dogs are likewise utilized for rescue operations, for example, dogs are used to sniff people who got stuck in rubbles.

Watchdogs protect their owners and their property, regardless of the possibility that they die in the experience. Sledge dogs are helpful in cold mountains and landmasses, and furthermore, guard the trekkers against the Polar bears.

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